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Reservation and preorders


Pagnian keeps working very hard to bring it customers the mos innovative and newest products on the market. Keeping this in mind, Pagnian has many RESERVATION (or preorders) orders on different products. This is usually done on products which come either:

-          In very limited quantities

-          Comes from over sea in limited quantities

-          Product is very difficult to keep in inventory because of high demands



-          Limited quantiy products will be assigned to does who have reservations or preorders first.

-          You may cancel and get a refund on any reserve product until the product has not been shipped to you.

-          This means you can reserve a product and if you find it else were before it has arrived at Pagnian, then you may get a refund.

-          RESERVATION orders give us an idea of how many products we should bring it.

-          If you have a special product you would like us to bring in Pagnian line up, please send a email to [email protected]