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Frquently asked questions?




We are Americas leading Simulation Company, we specialize in racing and flight simulators, we have the biggest simulation range and you are dealing with the experts. We have served thousands of happy customers from around Canada, Australia, Europe, USA, Asia + more.

Checkout hundreds of photos we receive from happy customers from around the Globe!

We know simulators inside and out and we only sell the best, we work incredibly hard for our customers and have the highest level of service to match the quality of our products. 

Pagnian Imports has the right to refuse free shipping to certain rural locations that our courier provider does not have direct delivery options for. I.E, Hawaii, Alaska or other North territories of Canada.



What gaming console or computer are the simulators compatible with? Our Simulators and wheel stands can support all major wheels on the market ; Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech and MadCatz. Then depending on what system you have you will need to be using a wheel setup compatible with that system. If you haven’t already got a wheel setup go to our packages section on our website and you can choose a complete simulator + wheel package to suit your console eg PC/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3 and PS4

Is there a maximum weight? Our simulators are absolutely solid and we have literally sold thousands without a single cockpit breaking so we would say our cockpits don’t have a weight limit

Are the Next Level Simulators Compatible with my wheel? The Next Level Racing Simulators are compatible with all major steering wheels including Logitech, Thrustmaster , Fanatec , Madcatz and Microsoft wheels 

Does the front half bolt onto the back half of the GTultimate? Absolutely, the 2 sections bolt on to create a rock solid cockpit weighing over 45kg but yet completely versatile to be packed away, moved around the house or even taken to a friend’s place for a race meet!

What size screens can the monitor stand hold? We have customers going as big as 55” on a single screen or 3 x 27” on triple screen setups. The cockpit is very solid and can easily handle large size screens

Are the outer screens angle adjustable with the triple screen setup? The outer screens are angle adjustable for you to be able to angle them in

How much adjustability do i have with this cockpit for different sized users? When we had pro drivers testing the cockpits their feedback was that the adjustability was much greater than adjustability you have in a real car and they were surprised and just how much they had. Everything is adjustable from the seat distance, gear shifter position, pedal position and also wheel position. The length of the cockpit is also adjustable to be shorter or longer. 

How solid is the cockpit and how much does it weigh? The cockpit is rock solid and weighs approx 38kg. There is no movement in the frame even with the strongest force feedback wheels on the market 


wheel stand 

How sturdy is the wheel stand? The wheel stand is rock solid and has no movement unlike any other wheel stand on the market. You can read many professional independent reviews that also agree it’s the perfect stand

How do i turn it into a full cockpit? By Purhasing the Seat Add on you can turn your wheelstand into a full blown GTultimate cockpit. The seat add on bolts onto the wheelstand and the whole cockpit is rock solid weighing over 45kg yet still being completely portable. 


steering wheels 

Which steering wheel is compatible with my console? In the STEERING WHEEL category on our website just select which console you have for a range of compatible wheels for your console

What’s the best wheel on the market? Currently Thrustmaster and Fanatec make the world’s best consumer wheels and we have pro drivers using both. 


Buttkicker Products 

What does the Buttkicker do? Buttkicker products are amazing and they add all the immersion to your gaming meaning you will feel all the vibrations and effects through your cockpit. If you use one for gaming you will never be able to play another game without it. If you watch a movie with a Buttkicker you won’t go without one. You can read reviews globally that will tell you the same.

Which Buttkicker is right for my cockpit? The Buttkicker Gamer 2 is the most popular Buttkicker for the smaller GTpro and GTxtreme cockpits whereas the Buttkicker Wireless Kit is the most popular kit for the larger GTultimate cockpits. We have some customers that go the LFE Kit for the GTultimate however you may find this too powerful

Are the Next Level Products Compatible with the Buttkicker? All Next Level Racing Cockpits have been designed to be completely compatible with all Buttkicker Kit’s without any modification or painful DIY required